Monday, March 8, 2010

screenplay, a science chapter 1

what is a screenplay ?

There is a lot of confusion among the new film makers and the so called established film makers on what a screenplay is.

It is nothing but a paper work for the film which you want to make.

Will it have all details about the scene ?
will it contain even the camera angels ?
will it have this ? and will it contain that ?

Answer is, a screenplay is the paper work which contains the details and content which can be read and under stood by any one.
Its a film made on paper work.

Example case study 1:

A screen writer writes a screenplay, the production starts and money is invested, exactly on the third day of the shoot the screen writer dies in a car accident.
What happens to the project if he has the screenplay in a format which, only he understands, or in a language only which he knows, the production unit should know what he has written in order to produce the film. In this case the production will stop if the screenplay is in a form which no one other than him understands.

Screenplay is not some sort of a secret code.

So how can every one understand a screenplay, we all from different background and different departments ?

a shoes flower is called kuchi bu in africa,senbaruthi in Tamil Nadu (India), bacjuka in antartica and it has many other names in many other places but its botanical name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (its a scientific name which is common all over the world, so that every one can understand).

Similarly over the years people all over the world developed different formats to write a screenplay, but there is a standard format which prescribed all over the world which is followed as the standard format for screenplay.

Next chapter will be on what the format is

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