Saturday, December 25, 2010

cats in my apartment

Few months back a pregnant cat was roaming in our apartment, all the kids our apartment were excited, they use to give her milk and food. She stayed back permanently, she gave birth to four kittens, they were cute, kids started serving them milk too, i did twice (though i was not much of a cat guy), they were so cute, you cannot escape from their cuteness. In three days we found out that a dog took away all the three kids one night and the mother became very aggressive.

Everyone in the apartment was sad, including me. A month back the same cat gave birth to another 4 kids, we dropped them in the first floor in a safe place and they grew up very fast in a month's time. Now they have grown so big.

Another cat took refuge in our apartment now and gave birth to another four kids, our apartment is filled with cats, when i see them sleeping peacefully on my Dio seat in the morning, i forget every thing else, kids are kids, whether its a kitten or humans, they make you forget everything.


FCgirl said...

awwwww thats cute!

vimal said...

Wow...nice post n Stills

Lollipop Kindermodeblog said...

Das ist mal ein cooler Blog>>>

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