Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paradesi - Climax, just a thought

As a writer i couldn't stop myself  thinking about the climax. Bala had a lot of options to end the film. 
One, is the usual way of killing the villains (this would have become very usual one). 
The other one would have been: the villains keep the small girl kid, so that she can repay the debt of  her dad and mom, and send hero as he is no more useful (for this hero should have done two three escape attempts earlier and each time the villains punish him so cruelly that he becomes useless). Hero refuses to leave with out the kid, he gets bashed up and thrown out. Hero walks along with the crowd of slaves who were thrown out and that's when the new batch of slaves arrive. Hero leaves the guarded gate of the estate as the last person in the crowd that leaves the estate and he turns around to look at the estate for the last time and finds heroine entering inside the gate with the kid and they meet(same as whats there in the film once they meet). this would have give more twist to the drama, but will make you forget the pain the characters suffered and just escape with the wow factor. 
But Iam sure they would have defanately thought of all the possibilities, but you really need not just a gut but also a conviction to choose such a climax, because it was a very minimalistic climax, but you carry it with you when you leave the theater. he just wrote whats required for the film, for which you really need clean conviction. every film maker should learn this, may be it comes with time i don know.
why i thought of putting this as a post is that, i have been working with a lot of first time directors and what i see is that they want to put everything that they have thought all their life in one single film(the first film) and forget what the film is all about. just a thought.

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