Sunday, April 29, 2007

"North and South" Indians

Karnataka,Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, but who will take the pain to spell such difficult names,so they call it simply "MADRAS" .Cochin ,Hydrabad,Kovilpatti or Mysore everything is called MADRAS, and you get a common name MADRASI.Some people don't even know, that there are four different states with different languages exist .They think ,that the whole of South India is called MADRAS.
Some of the myths :
South Indias are dark black
MADRSIs drink only filter coffee all the time
Madrasis read only Hindu
Madrasis hate speaking Hindi
Madrasis eat only dosa ,idly and sambar
Madrasis speak a Alien language
Jayalalitha Amma , VeerAppa and Rajinikanth are the three Gods of worship.

When i say "they " " they " "they" , who are these people, these are North Indians from north India,which comprises the rest of India (East ,West,North and Banglore) and do we know that its not a sigle state ? ,there are other languages otherthan Hindi that they speak ?
If you are from Bombay ,Calcutta ,Ambala ,Bhuvaneswar or Baroda ,you are still called a North Indian in MADRAS(comprising Karnataka,Tamil Nadu ,Andhra Pradesh and Kerala ,minus Banglore).


Arjun said...

Well u have hit a bullseye. What we need is a thorough change in the school books. NCERT books over the years haven't done anything wise to remove this ignorance. We call 1857 as First War of Independence. But independence for whom?? Surely not for whole of India. Then one cannot ignore freedom struggle in Kerala. Actually the King of Travancore had driven away the Dutch in 1750s, more than hundred years before the so-called First War of Independence. And ironically I came to know about this from an historical book by a foreign author. So what we need from a primary and secondary education is just the basics, which every education board in India have failed to address. I remember a contest(on Asianet)where a young lady was asked an historical question regarding Kerala. She couldn't answer and the audience started to laugh. Then came her reply, "Actually I studied in an ICSE syllabus where we have to learn about whole of world and not just about a small state". Do I have to say anything more.

Phoenix said...

Hey ... your blog is so hilarious and so sensible at the same time... hahaha! Kalakkare machi! ;-)