Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This is what happens

You meet her after a long time in the same restaurant were you met her for the first time.You meet her with the same guy with whome she was going out ,before you started going out with her.You feel like asking her "why the hell did you do this to me ?" but you keep quite and behave decently and smile at them and say "hi" .She got so much used to the place ,that she sits in the same table were you use to sit along with her.Now ,you sit in the table were he use to sit and watch her every day, for two long months after they broke up.You feel like a shit watching them ,but you keep up your smile and over act to the whole situation, you behave nice to the bearers ,because they know the whole story now .The bearers behave badly the way you use to behave with them ,when you use to come there two months back with her.You cross her table often, to see whether she notices your sad stuipd face.Her boy friend wants to impress her and insult you at same time decently, so he asks you whether you want to join them,now you want to impress her by being decent ,so you say "no" and give some reasons like "im waiting for a friend who has come from Antartica" .
She wants to prove to her boy friend that she is over with you ,so she holds his hands all the time and talks happyily about the new reservation policy and global warming.He wants to prove that he is ok with it and he understands her situation, so he starts talking about the media hype on Aish and Abhi's wedding.You want to prove that you are really not angry on her ,so you start talking about the Alien abduction in West California.The bearer wants to prove ,that he does not know whats going on ,so he starts talking about new Cyberian cricket team.The whole conversation ends with "hahahahahahaaaaaaa" "heheheheeeeeeeeee" "whu whu whu whu whuuuuuuuu", your Antartican friend nevers turns up ,their whole dinner plan turns up useful talking about every important socio-economic issue,the bearer feels happy satisfying the customers complying ISO norms,the sun sets in the west and rises in the east as usual, but you still think of her all the time sitting along with your new girl friend,waiting to say "I LOVE YOU".