Friday, May 11, 2007

safest industry

Hey ,its been a long i wrote something useful and informative.Since i have been travelling i couldn write something constructive bla bla bla .Coming to the point,i have been in Mumbai for the past one week , weather is much better than last time.Two months back when i came down you could only make half fry (half boil ,its called in some places) on the road ,now you can make full omlet on the road ,its so hot and fantastically humid.
In Mumbai the film industry is totally different and well organised than Chennai .The film producers are very rational and to the point.When i say they are diffrent , they are totally different , In Chennai industry if they copy different scenes from different film and then mix it well and make a recpie , here they take the whole film and make Indian version out of it, the producers are so rational that ,you have to show them some solid proof like reviews from net or paper cuttings about the foriegn film to make the producer to produce the indian version.The assistants directors are much safe and secured here ,because in Chennai if u tell a assistant tells a original or a inspired story to a director to get some sugestion , you will find that the next movie of his will have exact inspiration ,but in Mumbai u don have to worry about it ,even if u tell a very good saleable story to a director or some one in the industry , they won't copy or make it ,because they are so ratinal that they need a proof that this film will run good, so they always make films which have already been made abroad.

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