Friday, June 1, 2007


Its easy to be film critic in india,than a film maker.

The mouseless and the most jobless guys in the this country are given the job of critising a film. Some best way they write the review is to copy from some international web site and post it .But what about indian films , in other cases of news they always want them selves to be first to write about something but in case of films , they wait for some one to write and then once some one writes or speaks about the film they modify and add and some or delete some words ( not even sentences ) and post it. The best part of the whole thing is that if you want to be journalist you need to have some degree in journalsim , but for films the best way is that you should have no knowledege about film making , if u have good knowledge in film making you wont be a film critiq but you will become a film maker . So you should be zero in film making to be a film critq .Some film critics in india tried making films , but they failed utterly butterly .

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