Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Shivaji release , the most happening thing right now.Every one wants to watch the film on the first day,100's of communities on orkut,debates on 24/7 channels ,so many profile names with shivaji, so many profile pics of Mr.Superstar Rajinikanth.He is as famous as coke and pepsi , he has more dedicated fan following than Namitha,he has done what Hollywood actors and actress with such a big market were not able to do ,with so much of investment.He is more popular than six sigma,saki and samuri, in Japan.He has achieved what all the companies and brands in this world have failed.This is high time the Indian brands and companies try following Shivaji Rules than going through book like "how to place your brand in the market and enter inside peoples mind and conquer the market by moving the eggs in a fishy way to become a billioner in 9 days by cutting the cost to with 1 rupee"

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Rodrigo said...

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