Monday, September 3, 2007

Incapacity to conceive a interesting film is the latest style in the industry.

Style statement.
I overheard a conversation between a hi-fi film maker and a common man, during a premier.

Why there is no story in the film ?
It’s a style yar.
why no good acting ?
Dude who defines what’s a good acting ? , it’s a style.
Why its been edited such a way that I get headache and my eye starts paining watching ur film?
Maaan its style, fast cuts, its fashion.
Why did every one sleep in the theatre watching the film?
Ha hahahaaa people are idiots, they have no idea on how movies are made, you need a class taste to enjoy films like this.
Why does the film look like a shit?
Ahh , actually it was meant that way , we wanted the film to look like shit actually.


Anonymous said...

don u think ur too arogant ?

Anonymous said...

the most shitty aarticle, i have ever read!

will vs wills said...

Some Mr/Ms Anonymous felt that its the most shitty article he/she has ever read......I went back to the Hi-Fi film makers to ask about, what should i respond on this ?

The response : It's meant to be shitty yar , its just a kind of new style...get used to it you won't feel the same again :)

will vs wills said...

Im arrogant ,
I just wrote what i over heared , don't you think that , those hi-fi film makers who are trying to act smart, by convincing their mistakes as great work of art are arrogant :(