Friday, June 13, 2008


A game of cause and effect.The story line one of the originals of Kamal .A simple story thread ,complicated
the ten characters just to connect.Too much of thinking has made certain place un appriciable.Though there are
major logical,technical and screenplay issues in the film , they have brilliantly missed the earth quake that happened
befor the Tsunami.Pathetic special effects and Makeup.Kamal's desperation to do all the roles has spoiled some characters
like the old lady.The best thing about the film is just the story.Asin and Mallika aunty have just appered for the so called
commerical value and wasted couple of lakhs for producer.Sub titles make u sick .
Out of all doubts i had , one major doubt is DO WE STILL HAVE TECHNOLOGY TO SEE A MICROBIAL
ORGANISM FROM HALF A KILOMETER.All i have to say is that , its a good film made badly.

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