Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a small story from the unknown world

there was a small village named Siaung near the old mountain Kinad in South China in the ancient times .This village is famous for people who do sins.Its said that ,even a newborn baby commits a sin only then it can be a part of the village.One fine day the amount of sin mounted so much that the Gods were angry on the people and flodded the village with deadly disease on every one.Every one in the city were dying out of pain .It was getting worse and worse but they never stopped commiting sins.People were still stealing and killing each other ,men were still raping women and wat not.The heads of teh village saw the whole thing and decided to ask people stop doing what they were doing,because they felt that God was angry with them .People stopped commiting sins,still the desease had not stopped killing poeple.They were saying thats ,its the punishment for what u did earlier.People started becomeing good and try helping others to burn their Karma, still they were dying.The heads decide to go meet the saintly medicine man Yung,who is said to have give medicine even for Gods.They went and met him and explained everything to him and said that they have all become nice so he should defanately help them.
He agreed and came to the village,he tried giving medicine to people, nothing happened.
The next day the saintly man stayed back in his hut in the village and never came out.There was a roumour that ,he had spoken to God that day night.He din come out for two days, wen the people went to see him in his hut they found him with his body getting rotten,the same day the people started getting cured of the desease.
As days went his boddy was just getting rotten and he was still alive.The heads of the village decided to put him out of the village so that the desease will not spread.They threw him out of the village that night.Every one in the village started cursing the medicine man that he must have done some big sin to have such a disease and spitting on him.A elderly saint was pasing by and saw this and stood there for a while closing his eyes and said "this man had spoken to God and God agreed to free this village from disease if he agrees to take all the disease over him from u guys, and u guys are apitting on him"

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