Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is the last article of this year, cash flow

I have decided to write my last article for this year which is, as follows.

As usual i din want to write things about what happened last year and how well life got raped or how well every one had fun.Im just lookig ahead for a cool ney year.
I have no idea why i have this feeling that the whole economic recession is just a cover up for something and i am very confident that everything wil be fine by jan and feb all over the world, though people talk about how sub prime fucked US economy and how this will efect india and the rest of the world, i have a strong irrational feeling that its going to be fine.Its not a self help stuff or anything to boost up my confidence level but its a very natural feeling im geeting.I really don know how this will happen.
My kind request to all those who have excessive money is that "SPEND A LOT"
Build a new house, buy a car, go on a vacation, get married lavishly,start totally new business which can serve the current market do things which you always wanted to do and which you miss in life.Buy a gift for your wife,shildren,friend or foe.Basically spend money.If you have a cultivable land use it for cultivation.Don get depressed, be happy and spend ,thats the only way we can bring in confidence in the market.Pay in the bank loans, pay back your vendors, pay back the money you have borrowed.
I know that many of you must be thinking that im talking shit, but i really don care, im just requesting you guys. Each above action can contibute to free flow of money into our economy.Let not hope but lets see the improvement.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with ur post 100% , not about the economy that get OK soon. But, about the cash flow.

I always feel Cash is like Water ; We need saving(both cash and water) , but at the same time these have to be used and not to result STAGNANT