Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This year, this month, this week and this day

This year :
Since this year is going to come to an end, i was just looking back on what has happened in my life.This year has been the most shittiest year i enjoyed.More than i have learned i should say 'experienced'.Depression, deviation, desperation, demonstaration and fun (i din get any word starting from d for fun).I really don want to talk about all that.
This month :
I felt really really bad when the media, politicians, film industry and people are so biased regionally,religiously and economically.
After the Mumbai strocity every one earned bread, name, political milage watnot using it.Some of them are
1.Media had made it like a skin show and especially headlines today where the programs based on it were filled with masala and give.
2.No news channels except DD was showing a responsible news, every one wants to have their bite and share on it to show something or the other.What if some guys from the terriorist gang has been watching and giving infromation to those guys who are inside on what plans are really going on.Before the NSG or anyother team makes the plan and execute , it was flshed as soon as possible on all channels.MisInterpriting peoples grief into masla stuff.The race to give a fancy name for the whole incident like 'Mumbai 26/11' by one channel '9O11 of India' by some other channel.When the security team is doing something ,news channels going inbetween and disturbing them.
3.Politicians as usual had a share of their piece in the whole thing.It was sad.Just after i wrote my aritice saying that 'i was proud of my politicians this time' some politician made some dirty comments and spoiled the respect.
4.I felt very bad when no parties in the south reacted or showed theri condolence or pressurised govt to take action against Pakistan, when our Tamil Nadu parties made such a hush and had a dhrna and Porattams along with film industry guys for Tamils in Sri lanka.When Some party leader and film fertanity openly supported LTTE which was the one who was involved in the assasination of our former Prime minister, no one from south came forward to show their condolence or grief or condem the act, which made our own country people suffer.Mumbai is a part of India ,when some one is not bothered of our country how can he be bothered of people out side.Its quite sad on the part of South politicians and people.
5.A country called USA changed the 500 old history and geography of TWO countries called AFGANISTAN and IRAQ for just threatning them.Our national leaders have been so nice to Pakistan and just been relesing prees releases and sitting quite when we have such a solid proof and info that Pakistan is involved in the whole thing.Its bad on the part of the current Govt.
This week:
I have been feeling so bad about these things and have stopped watching any news channels except DD.
This day:
This day i realesed that in a country like us were we have a history and culture dating back to centuries and a land which has given birth to so many non violent soles like Budha, Mahaveer and Gandhi, and has contributed so many warriors to thinking heads who have been the pioneers is what ever we name, still we are not matured ..............Its the common man who has to take actions starting from the vote he casts to what happenes at home with his family.
Just woke up to see all this.I don know what to feel, good or bad

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