Friday, November 27, 2009

Dosa, Idly and Appam

One of my friends had a guest from Mumbai.The guest wanted to try Mallu food, so decided to go to a Mallu restaurant, Kairali. As we were ordering food, my friend was explaining the guest about each food iteam, about how it’s made, how it looks and the taste.
While he was ordering Appam the guest asked him what Appam is. It was bit difficult for him to explain the difference between Dosa and Appam, as he was struggling to answer the questions shot by the guest, the Appam arrived.
My friend said “this is Appam”.
The guest gave a beautiful discription of Appam.
He said “Wow, it’s a Dosa with a idly in the centre”


Prabhu Kaaviyam said...

It is old Jock friend. but not bad. better luck next time.

Sheik Dawood G said...

Thanks Mr.Prabhu, but its very new to me :)

Sheik Dawood G said...

How to make appam :)

its a YouTube video

Sheik Dawood G said...

thats a cool link to get the recipe for aval appam from kerala

nick jane said...

some of the links i found where u can get recipe for idly, dosa and appam.

nick jane said...

idly dosa and appam ; all three made out of rice is it correct :)

Sheik Dawood G said... thats the video of how to cook appam