Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan, review

I was a great fan of this film until i saw it.
There is a lot of discussion on, how good a attempt it is to make such a subject, but question is, how many times will you attempt and make the same mistake of not planning, example his earlier film Pudhupettai, which was a similar disaster in terms of planning the film.

I really din want to encourage the attitude of, 'this is enough for the stupid audiance' to hide your mistakes and put the producer in trouble.

Everyone in the industry knows how bad the director was in planning the film, still if you appreciate his efforts then, no producer will come forward henceforth to make such films.

One big lesson from the film is, please plan, if you don have a plan better don make that film and put every one in trouble to hide your mistakes, or make that film with your own money and watch it at home in your home theatre.

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