Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sheikh dawood, sheik dawood, dawood sheik or dawood sheikh

I still have been getting confusions with my name spelled by people. Last week i had to fill a application for a bank, since it had several pages to be filled the bank guy was generous enough to fill the application. With out listening to what i was saying he directly wore my name as 'dawood sheikh jee', first he changed the order of my name second he made a spelling mistake (because the exact spelling i use is 'G.Sheik Dawood' )i tried explaining him and corrected but he was very casual in his course and wrote my name with one more mistake which i don want to discuss.

I was pissedm then i thought of what happened to prem in college and laughed at the whole thing and forgot about about it, Prem's exact name is P.K.Premlal, but every time they use to write his name as P.K.Perumal.

I realised my mistake of having such a complex name

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