Saturday, July 3, 2010

Font Designers



RoboFog [Mac]

Scriptable type hacking tool with many features, for professional type design.

ScanFont [Mac, Win]

Font editor and high end autotracer. Supports TrueType, Type 1, and AI-EPS. Demo version available for download.

TransType [Mac, Win]

Convert cross-platform TrueType and Type 1 fonts, do batch conversions, generate bitmap fonts when converting PC fonts to Mac. Download a demo.

TypeTool [Win, Mac]

Basic Font Editor has lets you add ligatures, special characters, em and en dashes, etc. to your fonts. Make new fonts. Hinting and kerning. More. Demo available. From Pyrus. Previously only available for Windows, there is now a Mac version as well.

TrueType to LaserJet Bitmap Converter [Win]

Want to use the latest TrueType fonts with older DOS-based programs? Alexander Walter has this lowcost shareware utility available. (scroll down the page a bit)

Type Tools

Free downloads for TrueType developers including programs to check font hinting, create TrueType Open Tables, and other developer tools, from Microsoft.

Your Handwriting 2.0 [Win]

This inexpensive font creation program from Data Becker does an admirable job of turning your handwriting into a TrueType font.

Font Creator [Win]

Download High-Logic's shareware TrueType font creator and editor for Windows.

FontEdit [DOS]

This is a LaserJet Bitmap Font Editor. Download a shareware edition here.

FontLab [Mac, Win]

High end font editor for designing or modifying fonts. From Pyrus.

Fontographer [Mac, Win]

Professional, commercial tool from Macromedia is now part of the Fontlab Ltd. family of font editors. For creating new fonts or modifying existing ones, Fontographer is the granddaddy of font creation software.

SigMaker [Win]

Integrate signatures or symbols into TrueType fonts. Add your signature or other characters seamlessly into existing fonts. From Pyrus.


Convert Mac fonts to PC format (TT & Type 1). From Acute Systems.

Commentary/News: Fontographer is Back

While it never really left the scene entirely, Fontographer has been languishing unsupported and with no updates for a number of years - an eternity compared to most other design and typography software tools. But the program is now in the hands of Fontlab Ltd.

CompoCompiler [Win]

Create composite fonts from existing ones. Requires add'l Pyrus programs.

FONmaker [Win]

Create Windows screen fonts, Windows font resources, HP Soft Fonts, and BDF font files. Convert TTF & Type 1 fonts to bitmaps with this font design software.

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