Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mobiles I used

The first mobile i remember using was a Nokia, i don remember the model. It was in 2001 when i joined my first job in Nasik. I was gifted by my brother-inlaw. It was a very simple mobile, other than calling and messaging there where only two tools on the mobile, Snake and calculator. But i never used it to call or message people. I would see the number when some one calls me and then call from land line, the out going and the incoming was priced very high, some were around Rs.8/min.
Just before the mobile got popular appeared this little device called pager, it was a fancy stuff of Motorola, but not used much.
When i had my first mobile, i never took it to office because i thought if some one sees me with the mobile, their ego will get hurt, because apart from me there was only one guy using a mobile phone in my office, that was my GM, i was just a trainee in those times.
The mobile was so big and heavy that you can really feel that you are having one, not like one of those thin ones nowadays. I actually liked having it, because i had to carry in my hand, because of it size and this way i can flaunt that i possess the mobile.
The next one was a Ericsson one (not sony ericsson), again gifted by my brother-inlaw, it was smaller than the Nokia but it still weighed the same. But it had few tolls added to it like WAP, but WAP never worked in our network.It use to hang a lot and that was terrible.
Then i bought the latest 3310, the most popular model of all times. Its still my favourite model. Its simple, small and sturdy. By this time incoming was not charged.
Then i bought a flip model Nokia which had WAP but it was costly, i still used WAP for the heck of using. Then a Motorola which had better sound and it was the slimmest mobile of those days. Then came the Vodafone mobile and then Nokia again, then it was Samsung and the Nokia, then the worst happened, LG now iam back with Samsung Metro 3310 :) which is a simple sturdy mobile with simple tools to make a call and message people. Iam happy with this one. I hope i don change mobiles any more, and i don want to

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