Thursday, September 23, 2010

Android and India

Android has been the talk of the town. But as far as India is concerned i don se much of development, i was wondering why. They reason in Chinese phones and Nokia, the basic Indian market is right now relying on the cheap Chinese phones and Nokia. We are used to the inter-phase of Nokia or the cheap price of Chinese phone. Once the Chinese phones start using the Android OS and Nokia comes with its first android phone then you will see the market for android. Since android is free like Linux the Chinese phone makers are going to exploit ( they are already) the OS like hell, you will find the cheap 2000 rupees phone with touch screen with android in a years time in India.
Already the top phones makers like Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung has started using android, once the Adam Pad, the much talked about 3000 rupees Ipad is released, every Indian will have one. Comparing the population and usage it also holds a big market.
What if schools start giving one Adams Pad to each students and make it compulsory. Then Ipad will loose its foot in Indian market, even in black with cheap price. Before that if these guys realise it and reduce the price then they are saved.

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