Friday, September 17, 2010

Film Trailer, why ? and what ?


Trailer, why is it made.

Trailers are made not just to inform people about the film,but also to prepare the audience for a experience. It is also a tool which will help the audience to identify their choice to select the kind of film which they want to see, and should also create a curiosity with in the range of its subject, beyond the expected. This is how it can help in marketing the film.
But nowadays film trailers are made with a bunch of 'so called' best shots, the director or the trailer editor think is the best. Some time it is made with such stupidity that its makes you fell Yuk and bluck and creates a aversion from the film. Hollywood has devised a method to produce trailers but still we are learning how to cut film after a century of experience, amazing.

Quarter cutting and Aaranya Kaandam are the two best trailers, I have seen in this year. Hats off to people who are behind this.

There is no point in making a film, spending 50 or 60 Cr, how it is marketed to identify the audience is something which we have to learn from the west.


yesbob said...

some trailers ,especially english movie ones, give away the whole story in the trailer - examples ? don't remember - next time i run into one ,i'll write it down

Sheik Dawood G said...

yes exactly, they tell the whole story so that you are prepared to see the film. They will tell you the story but leave you with a question like for example, Tommy is a alien and Geetha is a Indian girl from a remote village, they fall in love, Tommy has been sent to destroy the planet earth, how does Geetha save the earth? this question will make you watch the film, that's the interesting part of the trailer :)