Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank you Chickenpox :) (VZV)

for da past three months, i had no time for anything. I am being truthful, i had no time for anything, work, work, work, eat, sleep for 3 hours. I was very proud of my self telling every one that Iam very very busy, full busy, full work. Because, i don know it gives some kind of a kick when you tell people that you are busy. It makes you feel special for your self. so i was on that kick.
suddenly in between i would get some rashes in the night, evening or in mornings, i thought its some kind of food allergy. Since i had no time to meet the doctor, i became a doc my self and took avil all the time, when i get these allergies. busy man, this made me a doctor too :)
in between i use to get head aches, and use to feel low in terms of energy, some times will feel like shit. since i din had time to speak to people or meet a psychiatrist or some shit like that, i became a psychiatrist my self :)
i became this , i became that, i became the end..........God came to me.....
on 11th i had itching all over my body, especially on my face, there were some bubbles filled with water sort, i busted them.
on 12th some one in my unit told me that i have been blessed by God to have Ammai (tamil, chickenpox). i was scared, paranoid, because i will not be a doing work and will not be a busy man for another 15 days. i was scared that i will get scars all over my face, i might not be able to pose for any calenders in the future.. i just took the bus and came to chennai.
On 13th, a doctor at Best hospital, kodambakkam confirmed that its chickenpox and gave me medicine for 5 days. i started taking them. i went into quarantine, in a separate room, i din allow anyone to come inside and stuff. some people were scared to come to my house.
on 14th and 15th, it was painfull and irritating,. i was cursing the disease.i was scared to see my face on the mirror.
on 16th a old lady came to my house, she actaually came close to me to check, she was not scared, i showed her the bubbles, i touched me and prayed, she said its a blessing and told my mom to place some neem leaves around me and some more procedures.
we followed it on 20th, there were no spots on my body.
all these 11 days i spoke to every one possible through phone, i read a lot, never saw TV. I was happy..........especially i spoke to five of friends, to whom i spoke long time back. with one of them, last i spoke was in 2002............
i made me feel like shit.............. Busy is nothing, there is no shit called busy shit, if we don find time to do certain things, those will find time on us...............
some lessons i learned:
1. indian culture and medicine is super cool, only thing is we should know the right people who know the stuff.
2. never be proud that you are busy.
3. shit happens, for good....
there are certain personal things happened which during these days, i couldn share here, but thanks to every one for the help during this period, especially, my mom and my family, who were there with me, the love they showered, and John sir and Chechi (who use  to bring neem leaves every day) thank you sir.
i got so much of love during these days........
thank you chickenpox, love you

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