Monday, May 16, 2011

I miss the white Rainbow

day before yesterday night, i kept my laptop for charging and slept off. I had kept it on a table open. I woke up in the morning and switched on the laptop. There was a rainbow on my screen, it was white in colour and it was there all the time. first i thought its some image, then i thought some scratch, then i realised its inside the screen. i din know what to do. since i had warranty covered, i was searching for the service centre in hyderabad. i found one, but they asked me to bring the laptop with the bill, usually i don carry the laptop bill all the time (i hope others too). i was frustrated, pissed and sad, because i had to finish some work and i was scared,  the screen will get conked off any time. i realised that there is some thing like this air pockets under screen guards surfacing on my screen, i don have a screen guard on my screen, but i got air bubbles, i realised its inside the screen. still the laptop was on the same table. i was still working on the laptop praying the Goddess of electronics. suddenly i could feel a water droplet on my finger. i was wondering where it came from, is it raining inside the room ?, nooooooooooooooooooo.......................... it was water from the split AC over the table. Now i realised that the whole night the AC has been sprinkling water on my laptop. shitttttt shit shitttttttttttt. I was scared now to take it to the service centre, because they would know, by their experience that this is a physical damage and will not get replaced by a new laptop, as i was wishing to.
I don know, but some how out of the common sense of a rat, i switched off AC and took the laptop away from the table and kept it open till today morning. now there is no rainbow on my screen but still the bubbles are there. I miss the white Rainbow .


Swami said...

Dawood, put the laptop under the hot sun for an hour. cold vs hot. The air bubbles will also be lost. Then you can miss the air bubbles also. :-)

Sheik Dawood G said...

the air bubbles are still there on the left of the scree. I got so used to those air bubbles that i don want to get rid of them now, it looks cool on the screen in a way. But swami, your idea is real coool il rty it next time and recommend it to others too thanks swami :)