Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apple vs rest of the fruit (palam)

Iphone(a single model) vs five big names like HTC, Samsung, Motorola (when it was alive), LG and nokia with more than 20 different models of phone plus all those Chinese fake stuff.
IPad(a single model) vs hundreds of tablets. Mac book vs the whole of the laptop market.
Salute to the strong R&D and design team made by Steve, you did Ur job dude. Thanks for the ipod again a single model vs the still struggling market to come up with some thing 2% close to it. He brought the present close the future, as shown in some sci-fi films, otherwise, it would have been just a dream to touch and feel technology, in the form of things that we use.
Hats off Steve. All the best apple. Times change, hope people at samsung and HTC are happy, saving their jobs since one guy lost his job.

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