Sunday, September 25, 2011

iphone 5 release in few days :)

Iphone 5, the one which iam waiting for, is to be released next month. i have become a fan of apple after using Ipad for the past 6 months. the credit goes to the designers. i tried almost all the tablets starting from play book to hp touch pad, to the latest samsung tab nothing is as closer as ipad......i has changed my life so much. i have two laptops, one i use it as a desktop and the other, i thought il use it for meetings, now iam stuck to ipad, other two laptops have become junk at home. people like me who have got nothing to do with programining  or some high end graphic application, but just to read, write and to play games, ipad is the after this, iam planning to convert everything else into apple product, starting from my phone next month.
u get addicted to ipad so much that, iam sure if i loose my ipad, i would some how buy one in a week, thats how it is......

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