Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aravan, movie review

i saw this film called Aravan two days back.
1. the first 45 min of the film is not required. if you chop of the first 45 min still the film will tell what he wanted to tell.
2. the kind of tamil ascent they have used is belongs to a genre of film called 'Madurai film', i don know whether this is the kind of tamil they use to speak in those days, which ever days they were talking about. thank god no character spoke in chennai tamil.
3. full repeated scenes. they go steal, they go to steal, they go to steal, psaupathy is saved by adhi, pasupathy is saved by adhi, pasupathy is saved by adhi, adhi is saved pasupathy, adhi is saved by pasupathy and so thats the first 45 mins of the film. plus another 45 mins they spent in the crowd of people walking, moving and standing in front of the god statue. rest is the film.
4. when you know that you can not do proper cg work, either you should bring in good cg artists or you should not try. i think the cg artist worked in this film were picked up from some streets, where they were begging for some  work. if they could have spent two biryani packets and a bottle of water per cg artists, they could have got some better work. the scene where the second theft happenes and the tree is cut and the bull chase scene is pathetic cg work, who ever did that work should have run away from this country by now,, or else people will sure throw stones on them if come to know that they are the one.
5.last but not the least adhi and the producer were completely cheated by the director with big talk of tamil sentiments. what kind of tamil sentiments is this. such a tamil sentimental guy should have done some research and found what kind of language they were speaking those days, and could have found a better way to represent community than making some shit film about thieves.
6. this is a very good proof that just giving tamil sentiments or by characters growing long hair will not make a film run, or by colouring the characters teeth(pathetic colour).
7. the screenplay end of the day was very loose.
8.a crime mystery  in the olden days, with the same language as what we speak today, with bad cg work, bad make up and repeated scenes, where the hero gets fucked in the end some how is the story of the film, and some characters with colourful tooth.
8. iam really sorry vasantha balan, it was very bad and disappointing, and a waste of money, energy and time.


Swathi Ravichandran said...

I heard that the music was very new and a sincere effort by Karthik.

Sheik Dawood said...

Music was good actaully, if thats the only reason we should watch the movie, then it's better to buy the audio cd than going to the theatre.