Monday, March 5, 2012

It's been one year, thanks everybody

Its been exactly one year ever since i moved to telugu industry. its been a great experience. it would have not been possible for me to survive or even get into it, if some people were not there. iam extremely thankful to those. Hariharan sir, LVP film and television academy, the other staffs and student (more than i taught, i learned a lot at LVP), my guru and godfather John.E sir (what ever little bit of film making i know, is from him), director, Krishna Vamsi sir, for taking me in for Mogudu (what ever i learned from him on indian cinema, i could have not learned from any one else).
thanks to bheem, dialogue writer for Mogudu, who helped me to get a better understanding of telugu films.
thanks to my family, for bearing with me for so long.
Thanks to all my friends (prem n family, swathi, varadan, saravanan, karthikeya manikandan, daniel balaji, arun, hyd : kosi mayan, ram and pavi,  special thanks). and all other friends and dudes.
iam on to my third project in telugu....thanks everyone. thanks telugu industry, love you.
thanks to all the hotels and guest house in jublee hills, banjara hills, film nagar and krishna nagar, where i stayed for 7 months. thanks to every one at first lancer road :) where i spent  four months.
thank you everyone.

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