Friday, November 28, 2008

it was quite sad, mad and pathetic

For the past three nights the only thing that is appearing in any news channel is mumbai took three nights to come to an end, as a common man i see that there is a major intelligence failure.Every news channel has been talking about how smart the terrorist were and how well trained they are , but as far as it is seen, they don seem to be smart, instead i see a flaw in the national security.How fragile is our security that the terrorist commuted the sea way.
For the past few years all the human rights gangs have been crying loud against ATS and other police teams for taking rigerous action when it comes to terrorism but this time ATS,police,army,NSG,Marine and what not ,every agency has lost lives in the operation, now no human rights group is crying against any of the terrost organisations or any thing.Does people have to die and give lives to prove their credibility.Atleast from now people should start trusting our agencies and cooperate with them, otherwise there is no point.Hats off to the agencies which acted so well and solved it.We lost some of the best police men like the ATS chief in this operation, we should be learning a hell lot from this whole three nights.
Unless people cooperate with police even they can do nothing.
This is the country were even the freedom movement had a non violence as their way to get freedom but today we are in a state of fear and hatred.It all starts from how parents grow their children, it starts from home.So much of hatred, violence and abuse every were instead of love.Starting from schools to colleges.Even when a teacher hits a kid to parents using beautyful absusive words in english at home can contribute to the growth of violence.
We should start acting and thinking interms of a long term agenda to solve such a crisis of violence.
so much is seen on news channel ,so much read on sites,blogs and papers i feel devestated and tired to talk or write about such a thing.
I really appriciate Mr.L.K.Advani and other party leaders, when they took the whole thing in the interest of nation and never made this politics till now ,when there is elections on the edge.For the first time i feel proud of the politicians in INDIA ,in the whole mess.

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