Friday, November 28, 2008

learning acrobatics to copeup with chennai rain

One good thing that happened out of rain is that i have learned the skills of high jump, long jump and swimming (especially in dirt water).
I have been living in chennai since 2001 and i have seen two governments ruling but nothing much has been done to tackle the issues during rain.Water logging in nungambakkam,kodambakkam,sterling road, the subways like duraiswami and many other places.Every year it rains and every year govt comes to help people by giving 3000 to 5000 ruppes after rain for those who got effected.
It looks as if no govt wants to solve the issue, they just want to show how helpful they are as saviours after rain by providing little amount of money and get good name after rain.Its quite sad.
You should either learn surfing or sit at home when it rains

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