Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since i went home, it's been a long time since i saw a good heart felt film, it's been a long time i beared a masala movie.
The above came to an end last week when i left to my home town, sorry city, Tiruupur.I usually watch films in theatres only when im home in tiruppur.Its a great experience to watch films with the tiruppur crowd.
I saw three films when i was in tiruppur last week
1.Vaaranam Aayiram
3.Quantum Of Solace (Tamil dubbed version)
I don believe in comparing films, because u can never compare an Elephant with Einstein.

Vaaranam Aayiram is very much of a personal film for the director Mr.Gautham, It looks as if he has written what he really has felt, experienced, seen and wanted to be. Personally i felt great watching the film for lot of personal reasons.
But when comes to the commercial and technical angle, the film has really failed in lot of ways.
This usually happenes when the story and film is closer to the heart of a film maker, the same has happened in this case.There are a lot of leanthy scenes, so much could have been comoressed into those beautyful songs, but he placed separate scenes ........ i loved the songs , surya is done a excellent job, no actor will get such a chance to do such a beautiful transition....i really felt that the film should have been little bit shorter.

Seval is actually a good film, but if the same film would got released some twenty years back ,it would have been a very big hit, the director is stuck with time.a lot of violence , not just blood , all that shaving the woman's head and stuff is violent.Hari in the past two films have developed a attitude that "this stupid Tamil crowd will see what ever we make, and this is enough for this stupid crowd"
Its time for the tamil crowd to prove that we are not stupid, but patient.Im sure that if the same attitude is maintained then Hari will never get a chance to make another film in Tamil.

Quantam of solace ....ummmmmmm very very very very less of JAMES BOND 007 ,its not at all a 007 ....I WAS DISAPPOINTED.

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