Wednesday, April 21, 2010

how to crack any password

The procedure i'am giving will apply on certain conditions. Iam not going to give the most difficult way like using the Java code or HTML it's the most simplest and the fastest way.
1.You invite the guy to your office or home ( if you have a desktop) whose password has to be cracked to your place or take him to a cafe, if you are using a laptop.
2.You login to, lets say gmail is what you want to crack, then gmail.
3.You check your mails and send a mail to his id, the mail would be the most important thing, mail this content which i have posted down.mail a pic of Bipash basu along with that (or some other hot celeb).
4.Now close the account immediately and tell him to check his mail, tell him that you have sent a hot gal's pic.
5.Now when he types the password act as if you are turning back and move your eye balls 49.76 degrees and see what he is typing, you will exactly know what his password is.

Of course moving your eye balls 49.76 degree needs some practise, otherwise it's the easiest way to crack the pass word

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Nothing to say said...

machhhhhiiiiiiii......watta kickass hacker u r. this is the simplest n powerful hacking technique world has ever see :)