Tuesday, April 13, 2010

, Sania, Modi, Ayesh and Sunanda Pushkar

Wow it was wonderful watching the news channels than the Saans Bahu serials, it has been amazing to watch the live news of people and their lives, their inside and the hidden lives. Thats what has been happening in the past one week.
What turning points, what a thrill, what stories, its interesting than a Hitchcock film.
What I am amazed is that we all have a voyeur inside us and we are really interested in other peoples lives. What they do whom they married, how they deceived, how he was caught in a dope case and how he escaped.
I am really not saying its good or bad but i am just asking is it more important than the Javans getting killed by Naxals or the Prime Minister meeting Obama. I don know, as far as this voyeuristic attitude exists its good for the success of the serials on TV.
Thank you Saahi Tharoor, Sania, Modi, Ayesh and Sunanda Pushkar

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