Friday, April 9, 2010

What is a commercial film ?

I don't understand what a commercial film is.
When some one pays money to watch that specific film, then it becomes a commercial film because it involves commerce or business where the transaction of money takes place. If that's the case all films are commercial films.
Some people say no! ,only when a film becomes a hit it's a commercial film, i ask you a question, what's hot film, they say it runs well and earns profit, i again ask who earns profit. As far as i know only 2 percent of the whole Indan cinema becomes hit, as per the data given by producer council, so do we make only 2% commercial films, rest is all Non-commercial or art film or what do you call it. Then Tanga Manasukaran is a art film.
Some people say it should have all commercial elements like sex, violence and hot songs, then what do you call Salam bombay because i, as far as i have seen al most all so called art films have either sex or violence in a greater content than normal films.
What is a commercial film.


roop said...

da wood, i think it's in the intent. if the producer intended to make money out of the film through dvds/distribution, it's a commercial film. if the producer intended to make money (maybe break even or not even that) only from the festival circuit, then it's not. ashte. atleast, that's my understanding.

Sheik Dawood G said...

thanks for the comment Roop.
Even then there is some where a commercial exercise takes place when you release the film, whether you want to break even or you want to earn profit, then its a commercial film rite, i am just trying to understand thats all :)