Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some times it just takes few seconds realise what life is

It was last sunday. I was driving a red dio, early in the morning. It was a usual day, and the speed was about 30 to 40 km, there was no one on the road, a small stone was lying on the road. I saw it, brake,back brake not working, front brake, a big sound,a skid, there was sand. Here iam with four wounds on my left foot, some scratches above the foot, some on da hand. Today its all ok. But for the past one week the fear of falling down had made me a handicap when it comes to driving. I din drive at all. I drove da bike after four five days. All i could see on da road is the possibility of accidents. I am not even able to travel in da auto. I am slowly recovering from fear as my wounds heal. Hope i get back on da road with no fear. I totally forgot to tell a incident that happened in between. Wen i went to da doc immediately after da accident, there was only one doc available in the emergency unit at best hospital. He din bother, he just gave me a injection, the nurse cleaned da wound thats it. I was angry with them and shouting at him to give me some oinment and antibiotic. The doc was cool and ignored me and said its just a scratch. I was furious. By then a tip top dressed sw engineer, you can make out he has been to us twice from the way he speaks. Comes in and says, doc i was standing in da parking lot and some thing bit my leg and i found its a snake, can you treat me. He showed his swollen leg. The doc got up and advices him to go to GH. Because only govnt hospitals have anti venom. He cooky said yes and was about to leave. The doc asked him about, how he came. He said he came by bike, alone. The doc insisted him to take a auto or the ambulance. But he just left in his bike. By seeing this all my pain turned into wonder and laughter. But i hope he is fine now. Later i came to know that panic can increase the spread of venom. The moral of the story.
When you have a snake bite, take some one with you in a auto or something and go to government hospital immediately and don panic, otherwise a guy with a normal wound might laugh at you.

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