Tuesday, April 26, 2011

19 years in Tiruppur, 4 years in Trichy, a year in Nashik, 8 years in Chennai, I'am still a software guy

It's been 8 years, since I came to Chennai. I suddenly remembered this now that, it was  in the month of April, I came to Chennai 8 years back. I don exactly remember the date, I could remember the month because I was making everyone April fool even after the 1st of April, in fact the whole month. It was that small house on the fourth floor in Mylapore. Sidin had taken the house, I came to Chennai thinking, I will stay for couple of days and move to Mumbai. I had just left my job at ACS, like a brave man, following Sidin, to do, what  I wanted to do.

What do I wanted to do ? I was not sure. But I was very sure about, what I din want to do. This is when Prem use to visit Chennai for his business meets. By the by I never wanted to be software engineer that was leading the list, It's not because its bad, but I couldn't solve SAKUNTALA DEVI'S PUZZLE BOOK in the college or couldn't digest the Java codes(i realized it when I tried doing a project at Octa with Shakarasubbu in Java). I, some were had this thing that, sitting in front of computer and working on a software is a insane thing to do.

Four cities, three schools, two colleges, 9 jobs, I still use software. For the past one week, I was in front of my Laptop, continuously for  min 10 to 15 hours, working, using softwares, to write, to read, to design, to edit and to browse. I am exactly doing, what I never wanted to do, but I realize till today, because I have been happy doing this.

Sorry software guys, my friends, me and some of my friends use to abuse you guys badly in college, today I realize how wrong I was. Thanks to all those who spent their lives developing such beautiful things called Photoshop, Avid, MS Office, DOS,Windows, Final Draft, Combustion, FCP, Smoke, chrome, FB, Orkut, Gmail, Android and the list goes on and on. I just mentioned few that I have used and few that helped me. 
Thank you guys. Thanks a lot.