Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iphone 5, what are your expectations

As far as i see, there nothing much further can be done with phones, whether its apps or speed and even usability. So what do we expect from Iphone 5, other than speed and design (thinner and sleeker), i don know. I use to download minimum 5 apps a day when i first started using a android phone and ipad, now its been months i downloaded any app from store.
and most of the apps i downloaded, i don use them now. some of the apps i use regularly other than angry birds(though its a game) is google maps and gmail.
with the kind of the 3g services provided by our service providers and the price at which its given there is no point in having a phone which has a 1.5Ghz processor and can access net very fast.
i have a 8 mp cam on my mobile, i use it only once in two three months.
more over, what ever features and enhancement ipone 5 is going to have is already there in htc sensation, still iphone is iphone, is that the answer....i don knowi am confused in the middle of the night at 3AM

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