Sunday, October 23, 2011

Time management in Hyderabad

1.The following is what happened in my life today at 3 PM.
Location : My house in First Lancer Road. I was talking over the phone to my dear friend.

2.My dear friend was in Srinagar Colony when the following conversation happened.
Note : It takes minimum 30 min of travel time from my place to Srinagar colony, with the presence of normal traffic in Hyderabad.

3.Our office is in Madhapur.
Note: its takes another 30 mins to reach our office, from Srinagar Colony.

Now the conversation. Note: Me =Dawood, Mr.X = My dear friend

Me:  Hello Mr.X, so what time should we be there in office.
Mr.X: We should be in office by 4 PM, at any cost, so come to Srinagar Colony, we will go from here in my bike, we will not travel in two mikes, lets not pollute the world.
Me: Ok , cool idea, so when should  I come to Srinagar Colony.
Mr.X: Dawooooood, you start by 4PM, from you house, that's enough.
Me: but how willllll IIIIIII ...
Mr.X: Dawood, why don you understand, only if you reach here, (Srinagar Colony) by at least 4 PM we can be on time, in office.....

BIG SILENCE.........

First Lancer to Srinagar colony ----30 min
Srinagar Colony to Madhapur  -----30 min

I had to start at 4 PM, reach Srinagar Colony by 4 PM and be in office by 4 PM.
That was a adventure................................
I love Hyderabad timing 


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