Thursday, February 24, 2011

As audience, is there anything wrong with us ?

When i wrote my earlier article, on my frustration about Tamil Cinema in the past three months, some of my film maker friends were furious saying, that it's noting wrong with the directors but with audience.

But as i see it, i don find anything wrong with the audience. Because of one single bloody reason.


I remember, till 5 years back i could see that there would be few good films which would not run properly in theater. They wouldn't run because, they din have proper publicity or they din release at the right time or its some sort of a arti parallel cinema. But for the past five years, if you look back i couldn't think of a single good film which din run properly in theater. Patience level of audience has actually improved, they have forgiven so my bad films and made them run. One very important thing to notice is that, all the films that did well in the past few years are low budget films with content which is very different, just to remind you 'Subramaniyapuram' to 'Angadi Theru'.

I still believe that if people come out with films which have stories that are not just different, but also some really interesting 'unnoticed' stuff in the society, that would be enough to come up with a entertaining film.

Audience taste changes with time its quite natural, otherwise we will all be stuck in the times when film was invented, we have moved so far because taste has changed, it for good.Its a process of evolution, rather than development.We have to accept it, its natural.The solution is simple, make people's film. Make films about people not about heroes, a very good example is 'Boss yengara Bhaskaran'. Though it was treated as a comedy film, if you look deep into the roots, its all about us, what we aspire to do, what we are and what we can never be.

We have crossed the classical road skipping the modern cinema into a post modern world, i fell proud of our audience for being patient to watch some of the ridiculous content. Thanks to them, otherwise the industry would have closed by now.


vimal said...

i agree with u sir
audiences taste improved n developed

Sheik Dawood G said...

It's not just because its natural, they are now being exposed to almost all sort of cinema from Hollywood to World cinema. All the top studio films of hollywood get released here on the same day, dubbed in Tamil and other languages.
And internet has given them way to download any film. Because of this its pretty difficult to copy any films in Tamil.
Even if people have not seen the original film, TV and internet reviews reveal the original film from which this film is copied. This brings in a good negative publicity, example Nandhalala