Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's been long time

It's been long time ever since i wrote something sensible, not that i'am going to write sensible now but still.
I'am writing this in continuation of one of my posts where i had written something about reducing my weight. I'am quite happy this week for a quiet a lot of reasons, one among which is the weight loss, i was successful in reducing 10 kgs, in the past two months, now the big question would be how much do i weigh, right now iam 94, so i leave it to you to calculate how much i was two months ago, i was 94 when i was in first year college :), so this brings back my old memories. Iam quite happy because my organs are in right condition, other wise this would have not been possible.
This post is just to remind my self that i have to get back to my 75kg status like old time :).
The ultimate goal now is 75 kgs by April first week. I know its sounds too ambitious, but for me i know how it works, so lets see if i can.

1 comment:

Swathi Ravichandran said...

Lets see how far you keep your promise going! :)
See you in April 1st week :D