Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disappointed as an audience, Tamil cinema, the last three months

I have been watching almost all Tamil films for the past three months for reason, especially on the first day in Udhayam. By now every employee of Udhayam theater knows me, the reason is that i have been walking out in the middle of almost every film i have seen in this past three months, along with the other frustrated audience. As an audience i have some expectations and the most important thing that stands out in the list of expectations is entertainment, next comes everything else.

I didn't even expect a good cinema with quality of screenplay and stuff, at-least entertainment, ummhummmmm.

Some of the films staring from Kanimozhi to Nadunisai naigal, every thing looked like a spoof. One film stood out, that is Siruthai, i really appreciate the team for coming out with at-least such a entertaining film. I loved the film for just one reason, entertainment. Our taste has boiled down to that, not because we as a audience have evolved out or something, but there is no good content of any another sort . More than good content its all about the confused directors on, what is a good cinema ?, rather than that, what entertainment is ?.

Entertainment is not sex or semi-porn stuff of showing hips and breasts, its all about connecting people by striking the right notes of emotions, whether its comedy or tragedy. Entertainment as a word is very being abused and misused. One amazing thing i had seen in this past three months is that, the directors wanted to just keep away from the word entertainment and gone into to the opposite, to show them out distinct, saying that they are trying out experiments on cinema. But what i found was that, they were not experimenting, but rather they were trying to be a 'WANABE NO ENTERTAINING DIRECTORS'.

Not having a BGM in a film, is not an experiment, but coming out with a good film which will not require a BGM is an experiment.
Confusing the audience is not a good screenplay, but coming up with a confused character is a good screenplay.
Having a story set in village is not a contribution to the rural India, having relevance to it is a contribution.

I'am frustrated to say that i have seen some the worst films in Tamil cinema in this three months.I din want to take out the names of the films, for just one bloody reason that they are too many and i really get pissed thinking of them. Its my frustration of spending 70 rs for ticket, 100 rd for water and popcorn, and 30 rs for petrol for every movie, to avoid pirated DVD's and what do i get, fucking shit.
But thanks to all those directors who have wasted crores of rupees to learn the worst ways to make films, i at least 'how not, to make films'

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