Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seedan, an other mistake.

Iam sure that we are addressing one of the most important part of Tamil cinema. Seedan is a beautiful example. Directors or simply not able to connect to people and their issues. Not just the story, its also the setup. A maid who wears pattu pavadai ( i think the director wanted to show her beauty), a Dhanush film where he comes in the second half. A outdated issue. Subject about aliens. For me it was really a subject about aliens, as an audience.
I have no more words to talk about the film. It's high time the film makers realize the importance and the meaning of entertainment.
Such a subject should have kindled and stirred the notion of faith and devotion in people, if it would have handled well. Now you cannot even release this film as a devotional subject during Sabarimala or Palanimalai season.
The best part is yet to come, when Suhasini her reviews the film :)

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