Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aliens and Antarctica

I don know how, but i was and is obsessed but two things my whole life Aliens and Antarctica.The one person or a group of people i wanted meet is Aliens and one place i want to visit before i die is Antarctica. Antarctica is possible i suppose, but aliens I am really not sure. All those movies made in the 70s 80s and 90s about how the world will look in 2000 looks very funny now, because 2011 looks no different from 1997. In those movies where they had shown that we will have transport systems which can fly and the clean cities with complex shining fly overs have still not appeared. Movies and novels which have stories about future have always been overplayed with imaginations or may be the writers wish, but nothing changed. I wish the same to happen and not like 2012 and the new movie world invasion, so that i can visit at-least Antarctica,may be meeting aliens is a risky business. If you aliens are listening to this by some sort of capturing transmissions from earth, my message is 'please don invade us, we are nice people, may be we can teach you on how to cook tasty Biryani and Pizza and you can teach us on how to convert water to fuel, lets be friends, that will help to fulfill my wish to meet you guys'

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