Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I still believe he could'n board the train

It all happened in three to four minutes, but gave me a life time experience. It was in the Chennai Central station. I was in the Charminar express, I was checking my mails on my laptop with the MTS data card connection inside the train. A man in his mid-40’s well dressed, obese and Tamil looking crossed me. He came back and said “excuse me in Telugu” (I found the meaning to the sentence later), since I din understand, I said “I din understand” (in Tamil). He said “can you do me a favour” (in Tamil with tears). I was taken aback and asked with concern “yes, tell me what’s it”(Tamil). He said “I lost my purse while I was coming from Coimbatore to Chennai on the inter city express, I need to reach Nellur, its 140 rupees for a ticket, so can you borrow me 140, I have asked my manager to come to the station, he will bring the money, as soon as the station comes I will get you the money” (Tamil). I was confused, doubtful and feeling pity. He din give me time. It was very quick and fast, seeing my doubtful face he moved forward and approached the next guy saying “ I feel ashamed to do this, but I don even mind to give you my watch till you get back your money”. I was in a pretty good mood that day, and on the top of it my philosophy that “ what if this guy is not lying, I would miss a chance to help someone in need”. I took out the my wallet, I could find two 100 rupee notes. I gave them, with a pride. He took the money and said “I just need 140, I will take the ticket and return back the 60 in ten minutes, please wait” (Tamil, with a happy and shame full face). I said, “ its ok give me 200 when you reach ur place”( Tamil, with a generous attitude). Its been two days ever since this incident happened. He never came back to return back the money. I was so fucking stupid, but still, I still wanted to believe that he was telling the truth and he got caught in the crowd while he was buying the ticket and could’nt board the train.
But if he has lied, I still liked the way he asked, and his effort to dress so well suiting the situation, and his acting. It was quick, fact and good dialogue delivery. I loved his acting.

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swapnil said...

well same thing happened with me twice and I felt stupid afterwards but I still believe it was right thing to do at that time.