Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mesothelioma and the hope on humanity

On 1st march someone mailed me asking if they can write a guest article on my blog on Mesothelioma. I thought it's those usual spams of posting links which will lead to some google ad. Still i mailed them back asking them to send the article so that i can post it. To my surprise he sent the article. The article is quite informative on the unknown disease. I was surprised that he din mention his contact link, though he sent he mentioned his mail id. I have written back to him to send his profile link to post the article. I will post the article once he sends the links to his profile. I think, its still rains even after so much of hush hush on global warming, because of some good souls like him living on this planet. I got back my hope on humanity.


jai said...

i thought i was one of the five or six fools who thought your blog was good to read. don't try to increase your readership by making up stories like this. just write about Mesothelioma yourself dude. try

Sheik Dawood G said...

The following is the first mail i got from this guy.

and later on he sent me the article. By the bye, you small boy, India is a democratic country, no one can pressurize to read anything and i too believe in demoCRAZY, so please don put ur brain in trouble to read and understand my fundooo stuff Yepadiiiiiiiii. By the bi, i will forward you the mails, after that olunga manippu kelu, makkal munnadi, ithu ecokaga illa, egokaga :)

Dear Sheik Dawood G,

I wanted to send you a quick message, and see if I would be able to write a guest blog on your site. I am very passionate about workplace saftey and people's mental, physical health and how people can avoid environmental elements that can lead to chronic and terminal illness. I feel that I could write a compelling article that would be of great interest to the readers of Dawood Sait (

Please feel free to email me back if this interests you.

Best Regards,

Eric Stevenson

Sheik Dawood G said...

If you don mannipu kekala,my fans will spam your mail box, i will do a non violent creative confrontation by lobbying for the future of India, Mr. Jai krishna Raja ram, i warn you with utter atrocious outrage :)

jai said...

ennai manniyungal thalaiva! i was feeling very bored and wanted to rag someone- help- dont unleash your fan club at me!!!

by the way - is this a good method to wake up your "fans"?

p.s: a little later i found the blog post from Mr. Eric Stevenson.

Sheik Dawood G said...

Thank god and his 309 siblings, my fans were about to take an action against your arrogance. Athuuuu.because you see we are democrazy. Don try ragging anyone i will take action against that too