Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wannabe Creative

Most often, taking up longer time to finish a work, spending money on the least important of the most useless thing, growing long beard and hair, looking constantly at the empty roof and doing things which are understood only by aliens, self intoxication of unknown substances like sewage remains etc...... are considered as the inspiration for creativity or the proof of being creative.

Something, somewhere, somehow, somewhat are the most common words that will come out of a creative person.
It will look as if, he is really not sure about what he/she wants, but he/she knows exactly what he/she wants.

Dictionary of a creative person, some words with meaning.

common man - ass hole who does not understand us.

copying - inspiration
good - bad
bad - taking bath
taking bath - what's that
what's that - i have never heard of such thing

Tips to piss off a seriously creative person.

1. Give him/her a time frame
2. Give him/her a budget constraint.
3. Give him/her some healthy food to eat.
4. Ask him/her about their inspiration.
5. Tell him/her that you completely understood his/her work.
6. Put some beautiful painting on the roof.
7. Take him to a barber shop (only for men,) because most of the creative women have very short hair.

Questioning a creative person is the most interesting thing to do. Creative guys hate questions, because they consider themselves as the sole owner of questioning the world. If you want a creative person to turn into a murderer, ask him 7 question continuously one after the other, with a interval of 1 minutes between each question. Highly creative guys will turn into murderers before you go into the 4th question, thats the sign of extreme creative mind. But in some very rare cases, you will feel like killing your self thrice by drowning in the drop of tears that pour out of your eyes, on the second answer for the 3rd question you asked, these are the deadliest of the deadly creative minds.I LOVE THEM

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