Friday, December 21, 2007

Billa vs Police

Recently i saw couple of films like kalluri,yevano orvan,billa (tamil) and also saw Police( a malayalam film ,dvd).

It was quite sad when i saw billa. The main reason was that so much of effort,time and money spent on such a good project ,but the film din serve the expectations.

Police and Billa is similar in one way.In both the films they have tried out s style ,especially the colour tone of the film and costumes.Each scene in both the films have good platform for action but nothing happens in the scene so u get fed up after some time , that in billa since our super star Rajini had done the role earlier ,you expect a lot.

Billa had a style from Don, sharuk's(but its unfair to compare such a sylish film like don) and story taken from old tamil billa.Nothing was new in it and nothing which had been takes from the above two films were good also.

After some time ur expection turns into frustration in both the films billa-police.

both films were good portfolio for the camer men cinematography...... good post work like colour grading and especially the compositing done while ajith stands on the top of the building while there is lightning work


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