Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mallu names

I had been having a lot mallu freinds ever since i enetered college. Since then i have been hearing names like Sidin,Jibby,Prem Lal,Praful,Sujith and the list goes on and comes Jiju ,Cijo and goes on and on again.
One fine day after a long time, i was thinking on how they name some one in mallu land and found out some interesting facts.Most of the recent name after 1970's has been stuck to a format , may be the names i have heared.
Lets take the name Jiju, it has a format .
1.Two sylabal word
2.it has got no meaning
3.No one can interpret what it means
4.no one can identify the religion he/she comes from
5.no one can identify were he comes from.

And thats how a name has to be , it should be unique and should reperesnt only that entity.So the format they use is pritty cool.
Its like no hype only the product delivery decides the character of the named product and the name is stuck to it.
Something like some ones name is Osama , sure every one has a mental inclination of teasing person.For that matter even a name like Dawood.
Basically if it symbolises something then its sure going to effect.

There are other advantages attached to this format.

Jiju is jiju ...
his first brothers name biju ,
second brothers name is ciju,
if its a girl child then its riju

like that , change the first sylabal and name a whole generation.
Now how to name the next generation , its simple just change the last sylabal
jiji for girl
like that so considering the permutation and comination of these sylabals u can come out with 234567 names , so its like naming a whole lot of 9 villages in vainadu district.

This way just by having two sylabals and playing around with them , you can actually name the whole country if u have 43 sylabals ....( just calculate it permuatting and combinating and calculating it with the population of our country divided by the sylabals used ).

Now to all my mallu freinds , please don use any abusive languge while commenting on it , it was not meant to hurt u guys but to reveal the hidden truth of the name method of the mallu land so that the future gen fromother place can too learn it

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Mark said...

Hi Sheik ji and Dawood Ji. Superb finding. Excellent mathematics and a hell lot of funs. The naming methodology findings were excellent and correct. Some more names are Anish
Finish (lol the last one)

Keeep on posting good findings, I am gona study for Dawood

Mark C