Monday, December 17, 2007

How to make film on a low budget

Last weeek i met one of my freind who wants to a short film about a donkey.I have no idea why he was so specific on making a film about a donkey, and me too never asked anything about it because when it comes to creativity ,no questions are to be answered, and no questions are to be questioned on any questions....who know why spelberg wanted to make film on dinosour,like that he would have tought of making a film about a donkey.
We sat for some discussion , all i could think of a story was about how a donkey saved the world from aliens.But he wanted a low budget film.So i thought of a story about how a donkey comes from a small town or a village and finds it difficult to lead his life with a urban donkey family .. were he meets a donkey from a zoo and falls in love with that donkey and takes the donkey from the zoo and runs to village to live a happy life.My freind wanted to make a very arti off beat film with a very unusual story line , mostly with out any story. The we sat and discussed and went to kodaikanal for a trip to relax , came back and thought of a very artistic story line.
You must be expecting thestory line .. im really really sorry i can not reveal the story line. what if some one steals the story so we are not disclosing till he finishes the project and gives out in some film festival.
The budget of the film is about 3 lakhs, including 4 donkeyes
The shoot to release time period is about 3 months .
The profit one could fetch out of this film is minimum of 3 donkeyes.

so if some one is interested please let us know ... we would be happy to put you on to the right donkey project.

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