Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free tamil fonts download

1) Murasu Anjal 2000
Click here to download Murasu Anjal 2000 Installing Murasu Anjal 2000 is very easy. If you have downloaded it, just run the exe file. If you have the CD version, just click on the "Install Murasu Anjal " button. Anjal provides the font 'InaimathiTSC' which helps to read our tamil pages. Anjal also helps you to send and receive Tamil emails, type short texts in tamil using built-in Murasu Editor. For details visit http://www.murasu.com.
Just remember to start Anjal every time you start your computer. You may want to place it in your startup folder so that it gets started everytime Windows starts. Remember that Tamil input and Anjal fonts will be disabled if you do not have Anjal running.
2) Other TSCII Fonts
If you would just like to read our tamil pages, you need to download any of the following TSCII fonts and install it in your Windows machine:
Steps to be followed:
Click on any of the above three fonts
You will see a dialog box - in that select "save file to disk"
Save it in a drive/folder of your choice. Let us say you save it to your desktop
Go to control panel, select settings, select fonts.
Select file option, select install new font
Select Windows then Desktop directory (or wherever you have downloaded the font), select the font you have downloaded from the list on the top and click ok. The font will be installed in your machine. Now you can read the Tamil pages
Don't forget to write to Technical Support if you have any trouble with setting up the Tamil fonts.
For more information Tamil fonts, TSCII and the Net Tamil community, visit these sites:http://www.tamil.net/tscii http://www.tamil.net/tscii/tools.html http://www.murasu.com http://www.tamil.net


Sheik Dawood G said...

http://www.tamil.net/tscii/ is a really useful site to get almost all tamil fonts and updates

Sheik Dawood G said...


the above is also a cool site for tamil word processor and fonts

அ. இரவிசங்கர் | A. Ravishankar said...

Hi, thanks for the links.

Here are some more websites to download tamil fonts.