Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One more smallsss incident with my namessssess

Some time back i had gone to fill in some application for something , i exactly don remember for what .. lets take it as a for some fancy unlimited swipifying cridet card...i did a mistake by allowing the guy to fill the form.. he asked me to spell in my name i said g sheik dawood ..... take a wid gue what would he filledddd......
umm hummmmmmm no chanceeeee.. chancee ileeenaaaaa illavee illaaaaa

he had filled my name as g sheik da"uu"ood ----------- i had spelled double u , which means w , but he tot "uu", by the way i have never heared or seen any word or anything for that matter with two uu's ......:( ....... but i was lucky to seee the first word or name or anything with uu -- two u's it was coolestestttt

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