Monday, April 18, 2011

I don know, why we should be proud ?, IPL teams

It's not because i'am a non cricket for, its because the kind of fights and bets i see on IPL i have this doubts. How many players are from Tamil Nadu in Chennai Super Kings, or how many players are from Maharashtra in Mumbai Indians. Forget about players from the same state, how many of them are even from India. Are'nt we fooling around our self convincing that its a sport and its all about sport. Is it really about sport, i find more brands and names trying to win over in the market than the sport. Its a complete surrogate advertisement of booze, airline and other stuff. All i can see, IPL as one lengthy TV commercial for hours of brands that have money.

Take in case of Vijay malya, he is smart that way, he named a airlines after a beer, a IPL team after a Whisky. Thank god he din become a CM otherwise, Karnataka would have been, UB Karnataka and Bangluru would have been Mc Dowell's Bangaluru.

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